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  • Shaunie Wheeler

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate a Bathroom?

A million-dollar question! Ultimately it can cost as much or as little as you decide. We would recommend starting off by asking yourself two questions:

  1. Why do I want to renovate my bathroom?

  2. What is my budget?

Are you renovating to accommodate a growing family? Is your bathroom simply outdated? Are you looking to sell?

Changing the layout of your bathroom to fit around you and your family is something we see often. Though this can be one of the more expensive courses of action, it is also one of the most rewarding. Changing the layout will give you complete control over what goes where, making your bathroom as unique as you and your family.

Updating an old, dysfunctional bathroom has a varied price range. Sometimes a freshen up with on-trend colours and bathroom ware is all it takes. Other times, old, neglected and inefficient materials will need replacing. For example a leaking shower or low-pressure water system, and these could result in a more costly outcome.

If you’re looking to sell, it’s a good idea to keep the cost low. Keeping it basic but modern is usually the route to go down, no fancy thrills needed here.

Achieving an efficient, functional and attractive bathroom is typically the end goal, regardless of the why and a creative eye is key in sprucing up your bathroom, not necessarily a vast budget. If you have the means to include high-end materials, then you should absolutely go for it, the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” exists for a reason - more expensive materials will typically last longer. But you don’t need to blow the bank in order to achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Focus on what’s important – high end showers, baths, taps etc, you want these to last. There are beautiful, affordable tiles and flooring options available and you can bring character into your bathroom by accessorising - tastes and trends change over time so there's no point in investing a great deal in those.

Overall, your bathroom renovation is a worthy investment. Intended to be a calming, tranquil place in the home, you want to make sure it is serving you rather than costing you (time, money, sanity…).

This should be a fun and exciting journey – enjoy it! Get advice, and let the experts do the hard thinking and the hard work.

Talk to us today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.


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