We are a team of six (seven if you include Cooper the dog) and we've found that less really does equal more. We have each experienced working for larger companies, or running them, and we can all safely agree that keeping it small makes for a better workplace. Nothing gets overlooked, missed or forgotten and we are able to create and maintain close relationships with one another - our clients included.

Meet the team


Owner/Project Manager & more

Anthony has been working in the renovating industry for 29 years.
He thought the dream job would be to become a mechanic, but once he gave it a go found that he actually hated it! Always good with his hands, he knew a getting into trades was a wise choice - so much so that he mastered two...
What's kept him going? Seeing the end result and working with people.

Mountain biking, spending time with his family and working some more are Anthony's weekend go-to's.


owner/Financial Manager

Jo has been involved in the renovation industry for approximately 15 years now. Her husband (that guy on the left) lives, breathes and sleeps renovations and so she couldn't get away from it even if she tried. What keeps her motivated? Seeing the positive impact the end result has on both our client and Anthony.

Jo is a full time student of osteopathy, a sucker for a good book and a fully fledged advocate for having quality family time (much to her two teenagers dismay...).


Audio Visual Specialist & more

James has worked in the Audio Visual field for 7 years, and we are pretty convinced he's part-robot-part-human himself. Every since he was a toddler, he has taken things apart only to put them back together again. Finding out what makes things tick, literally, has always been his favourite thing to do. Being able to install anything with wires and having clients insist they "have no idea how he did it" is his best trick.

Mountain biking, taking things apart, putting them back together, and spending time with his daughter is a weekend well spent for James.


painter & Decorator and Paperhanger

Kim has been in the renovating industry for over 20 years now. She knew she needed a job of which was rewarding in more ways than one, and seeing as she enjoys restoring things, it only made sense to pursue a career in the trades industry. One of the many rewards for Kim? The satisfaction of transforming something dreary into something beautiful.

During the weekend you'll find Kim restoring old furniture, gardening and spending time with her family.



Owen has been plumbing for the last 16 years which definitely makes him feel his age. After leaving the Army, Owen found himself trying out plumbing as an apprentice and hasn't looked back since. Reflecting at the end of his day and seeing a creation in the works is what keeps him motivated. He also enjoys meeting new people and has been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people with amazing stories.

Spending time with his wife and wee boy, sailing, scuba diving and downhill mountain biking are what occupies Owen's downtime.


Office manager

Shaunie has seven years in the banking industry and so working with both people and figures is pretty much the norm for her. The only difference is now she is able to form intimate and genuine relationships with clients.
Seeing and hearing first hand the positive impact our transformations make on both our clients and the team are what she enjoys most.

When she's not working you'll find her curled up with a book, entertaining her daughter or exploring the great outdoors.


Builder & More

Simon holds 20 years renovating experience in his corner. After being pushed towards having a career in trades by his Dad, he now finds himself wanting for nothing more. Simon eats, sleeps and dreams renovations.
The variety of each job means he is seldom ever bored and finds himself waking up each morning excited for what the day ahead could bring.

You'll find Simon tramping through the wilderness with his four legged companion by his side during most of his free time.


Team leader/lost food hoover

Cooper has a whopping eight years food-seeking experience behind him.
He enjoys long walks on the beach and eating absolutely any cuisine, he is not a fussy eater. He loves to have thought-provoking talks in his best attempt at sounding human. If you ignore him, you'll often be taken by the arm to either the door for a walk or lead to the laundry where the treats are.

Cooper is special just because he is a dog. All dogs are special.

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