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  • Shaunie Wheeler

What To Expect During Your Renovation

Renovating your home is an exciting chapter, but for lack of naivety, we know it is also a nervous and anxious time too. Should you have gone with brass or copper? Did you pick the right shade of blue? Were the cabinet doors the right choice? How long will it take? Why is there so much dust everywhere? When your world is temporarily tipped upside down, it's normal to question everything, especially when you have invested so much time, money and effort into your project already. Finding the right team to handle your project is paramount to easing the stress and tension involved in renovating. The right team will do their very best to ensure you leave the worrying up them.

Going into your renovation with an idea of what to expect can quieten your mind a little and this article is here to help.

What To Expect During Your Renovation


1) You can count on dust to hang around for a while

Knocking down walls, pulling up tiles, sanding, drilling, building...there's no way around the annoyance of dust. Covering furniture with dust sheets, laying carpet protection down and using dust extractors will certainly help but there's unfortunately no way to avoid it. It's best to make your peace with it before the games begin.

2) There will be a lot of noise

This one seems like a no brainer but you can trust us when we say that power tools are awfully noisy. It's usually a good idea to make plans that keep you away from the home during working hours (and it's also a polite idea to warn the neighbours too). A concrete drill at 8am is an effective wake up call to say the least.

3) A room (or two) will be out of bounds for a while

If it's your kitchen you're renovating, you will need to find another room to complete your kitchen tasks and the same also goes for your bathroom. It's a good idea to lean on family and friends if you're wanting a hot shower or need to bath the kids, for example.

4) Plan ahead to avoid delays

If you've chosen to purchase your own fixtures, fittings and/or materials then it's best to do so with plenty of time in advance. The last thing you are going to want is for your project to get delayed because the tiles you've chosen end up taking 12 weeks to be delivered instead of 6.

5) The unexpected

We know that the world is not a perfect place, so it would be foolish to assume your renovation will be. Unexpected and unforeseen circumstances will arise, there's no doubt about it. But being prepared for them is key to avoiding frustration and disappointment. Have an open mind and try not to have such a strict schedule planned around the project dates.

6) Going over budget is common

Changes will be made along the way and this usually means a fluctuation in your budget. Remember to stick to your financial plan as much as you can but don't underestimate the costs involved. A little leeway here and there will work in your favour or save you some money by the time your renovation is complete.

What you can expect from your chosen renovations team


1) Professionalism

An obvious one, some would say. Well actually, in our 30 years' experience we have seen more unprofessional contractors than we would like to admit.

Responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner, being approachable and polite, being able to give constructive criticism and reasonable advice...these are all traits your team should have and you should not settle for less.

2) Expect respect

It's reasonable to expect your team to take off their shoes when walking through your home, or at least to take precautionary measures to avoid making a mess. Your home should be left tidy at the end of every working day, workers should turn up on time, neighbours should be treated with manners and they should intend to minimise disruption as much as possible.

3) Communication is key

The only thing that's going to ease the pain of delays is being informed about them beforehand. Being kept in the loop and just generally updated about the progress of your project is going to leave you assured that your home is in good hands. And of course, communication is a two-way street. Voice your concerns and your expectations to your project manager, it'll help save a lot of frustration later on down the road.


Use this time to take it easy

Easier said than done, we know. But leave the stress and the mayhem up to the professionals who are paid to deal with that. They know what they're doing, and a well-established team would have done this a hundred times before so you can trust that you're in good hands. You've done your part, it's time to take a seat back and let the excitement build! You can book your free consultation today to get your project started...your dream home awaits!


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