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  • Shaunie Wheeler

Bespoke vs. Flat Packed Kitchens: An Expert Comparison

Renovating your kitchen is a huge challenge, and we aren't going to pretend otherwise. With so many decisions to be made it can become an anxious time full of hesitancy and exhaustion, especially if you are trying to do it all yourself. Handing your project over to a designer is an easier, less stressful route to renovating your kitchen, but it can be a bit pricey. If you're handling things yourself, there's a lot to be considered, even more so if you're trying to accommodate a tight budget. A big question we are sure you will get to, if you haven't already, is whether to have your kitchen custom made, or to buy it 'off the shelf' for lack of a better term. There's a lot to be considered when deciding between a bespoke or flat packed kitchen and this article is here to help you make your decision.

What's the difference?

You'll be surprised to learn that there are actually plenty of differences between the two - price being one of them but one that is certainly not as far as your consideration should go. In fact, custom made kitchens can not only be affordable, but they are also serious contenders to their rumoured cheaper opponent: The Flat Packed.

Bespoke kitchens


  • They're custom made. An obvious one but it's certainly a truth that holds its weight. You are able to dictate what goes where and specify the finer details of your new kitchen. You are the designer and ultimately what you say goes, putting you in full control with the freedom to express your creativity.

  • Measured once, measured twice. Your new kitchen is made to fit your space perfectly; no unsightly or awkward gaps, no hard to reach shelves and no lack of storage.

  • Crafted by the professionals. Our craftsmen have over 25 years experience under their belt, so you are guaranteed a kitchen built with the care and expertise that can only be acquired over time.

  • Unlimited varieties to choose from. Because your kitchen is custom made, the possibilities are endless! You can make the heart of the home as unique as you and your family. Colours, textures and materials can be combined until the right mix is found. There's no need to settle for less or make do with what your given.

  • It's in the details. You are able to choose specific handles, runners, hinges and so on, to suit both budget and style.

  • Long lasting & durable. Bespoke kitchens are crafted with care by real people. Kitchen makers will use high quality materials designed to last in your home.

  • Say yes to less stress. Handing your kitchen renovation over to bespoke cabinet makers is a sure-fire way to relieving the stress and tension that comes with renovation your home. Cabinet makers know the importance of getting it just right so you can rest assured knowing your kitchen will have the same level of care that you would put into it yourself; the only difference is, we've been doing this a long time - it's second nature for us!

  • Wow factor. Bespoke kitchens are dressed to impress. The same feeling you would have got when looking at model homes with their perfect kitchens, dreaming of the day it becomes your reality, is the same feeling guests will have when they walk into yours.


  • More expensive. Yes, bespoke kitchens are typically more expensive than buying flat packed. It's no secret that if you want a high quality, carefully crafted...anything, you have to pay more for it. After all, you get what you pay for. However, in some instances, you will find that a bespoke kitchen can be crafted for a cost that is no more than that of a high-end flat packed kitchen.

Flat packed kitchens


  • They're affordable. Flat packed kitchens are a good idea if you are wanting to keep your spending to a minimum. Most retailers offer flat packed kitchens to suit a range of prices, from high to low.

  • Quicker to manufacture and assemble. As flat packed kitchens are pre-made, they are easier to get a hold of and have delivered, which is ideal if you are pushed for time when trying to sell your home, for example..


  • One size fits all. Your unique space is not taken into consideration here - you can choose between some varieties but nothing custom or bespoke can be added.

  • The same old. Flat packed kitchens can look pretty standard and end up aesthetically anticlimactic.

  • Lower in quality and durability. When kitchens are mass made, quality is often overlooked as cheaper components are used resulting in a poorly designed kitchen which is unfortunately not built to last.

  • Higher stress levels. Renovating your kitchen is so much more than just choosing one that looks great. Installation of cabinetry, plumbing, electricity, tiling, woodwork....there are plenty of trades that go into creating a fully-functioning, safe kitchen in the home, all of which will need to be sourced prior to beginning your renovation.

  • Limited creativity. You have a limited number of varieties and finished to choose from, resulting in a lack of creativity in one of the most creative rooms in the home.

Things to consider

If you are considering fitting your kitchen as a DIY project, it's worth noting that it is more than just putting some cabinets together. Rarely are walls straight and at right angles, and let's not forget benchtops, splashbacks, sinks, fixtures, gas & electricity and so on.

If cost is important, we would suggest comparing some quotes anyway - you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that a bespoke kitchen doesn't always equate to a more expensive one.

Your budget will ultimately separate a good kitchen from an amazing one.

Are you ready to get your project underway? Talk to our team today!

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