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Mount Pleasant


Lacking in functionality and character, the homeowners wanted a kitchen that was contemporary, stylish and offered a convenient spot for busy mornings and slow evenings.  The old island took up most of the room and was in such a position as to make it hard to have a workable kitchen flow. By removing a partial wall, and moving the sink over to the window, we were able to open up the centre of the room to allow for easy manoeuvring and fluency. A stunning shutter cabinet is used here to stylishly tuck away kitchen essentials. The mini bar display uses black and gold mosaic tiles, beautifully lit up by LED strip lighting, seen throughout the kitchen. 
The cosy and intimate booth seating offers a great place to relax and socialise in the heart of the home.

This beautiful kitchen is as unique as it is stylish, all whilst maintaining the practicality that every kitchen needs. 


If you're thinking of renovating your kitchen, we offer a free consultation to help get your project off to an easy start. 

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