We’re Evoke Renovations and we’ve been transforming homes here in Christchurch since 2016 and with over 30 years collective experience you can say we have our very own veterans from the renovation industry - we are a team who wear our logo like a badge of honor. Our considerable experience in the trades industry gives us the skills and tools needed to draw the most potential out of your home as we possibly can whilst our extensive knowledge enables us to have a precise insight into how things work – and how to make them work well. Everything we do comes from a place of integrity, from pricing your job, through to our advice and completing your renovation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what our clients want and our utmost priority is delivering honest, quality work. We don’t make promises we can’t keep – we’ve learnt plenty over the years to know when an idea can be brought to life, and when it can’t. And our capabilities do not stop there. We share our knowledge and expertise to help Evoke new possibilities that will give you a functional and stylish house that you can finally call ‘home’.

Evoke started as a one man band and has steadily grown to become an intimate team of six. Anthony, the founder, has experienced running a team of over 30, only to resort to keeping it minimal and intimate. This way we are able to have tight quality control, form relationships with each other and our clients and deliver exceptional results.  We have experts in the electrical and plumbing field, the painting and plastering, the building and tiling. There is very little that we can’t do. Here at Evoke, we are very well aware of our capabilities and achievements. Our aim is to show that to you. So please, take a look around, flick through our portfolio and read a bit about our team. You can give Anthony a call or fill in our online form over on our contact page to arrange your complementary consultation now.

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About us

We're a Christchurch renovations company that specialises in creating beautiful bathrooms and kitchens worth talking about.