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The homeowners decided to renovate due to a waterproofing system failure and wanting to modernise their old bathroom. 
During the demolition stage,  we discovered the shower WP leak had become so severe, the flooring and structural framing needed to be replaced. 

The layout was changed to utilise the space efficiently and create more function and better flow. Large ceramic floor tiles, paired with white subway tiles are a wonderful, subtle contrast from one another. The old fitted bathtub was replaced by a modern semi-freestanding tub, and the new back-to-wall toilet suite and wall hung vanity are wonderful ways to modernise and elongate the room.
The new shower is an acrylic, black framed glass shower which ties in with the black fittings beautifully.


If you're thinking of renovating your bathroom, we offer a free consultation to help get your project off to an easy start. 

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